Thread Cutting Die Heads

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Large Thread Cutting Die Heads
Large Thread Cutting Die Heads

Wagner Carbide Saw thread cutting die heads are a simple design with interchangeable chasers holders for quick and easy chaser change. There is no need to remove the die head from the machine. The setup gage that comes with the die head allows for precise positioning of the chasers in the chaser holder, allowing for a precise thread to be cut every time.

Tapping External Threads

Is it your daily task to produce a large number of various external threads? If so, we would like to recommend our thread cutting head. Its chip removing processing provides you with unexcelled advantages of low tool costs and short handling periods.

As the thread cutting head opens independently at the thread end, the otherwise normal adjustment of the rotational direction ceases to apply and the enormously time saving fast backward movement is initiated. This brings about positive side effects: on the one hand, the tool is being preserved which extends its lifetime enormously, on the other hand the quality of the work piece is maintained just as it has been cut.

We manufacture our thread cutting heads using high-quality steel which is completely hardened and ground. This grants a functional, highly precise mode of operation for daily use, lasting for years.

Among the thread cutting head’s capacities are the cutting of regular type of fine threads, of left and right-handed thread, of cylindrical or conical threads. Beside these conical threads, the thread cutting head is fit to cut trapezoid and round threads as well as other special shapes, even complying with English and American standards. All types of threads can be supplied with free run-out or else be cut close to large collar diameters. The thread cutting head can even be applied for the overwhelming and skiving of bolts.

PDF Standard Thread Cutting Heads Brochure (PDF - 390KB)

PDF Large Thread Cutting Heads Brochure (PDF - 343KB)

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