Thread Rolling Die Heads & Attachments

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Mounted Thread Cutting Head
Mounted Thread Cutting Head

Axial Thread Rolling Die Heads

The Wagner Carbide Saw axial thread rolling die heads are an economical way to manufacture a thread. With removable roll holders roll changeover is simple and fast. There is no need to remove the die head from the machine. Adjustment of the die head is accomplished via two set screws on the side of the die head. The die heads can be supplied in two different designs – stationary and rotating.

PDF Axial Thread Rolling Die Heads Brochure (PDF - 293KB)

Tangential Thread Rolling Attachments

Wagner tangential thread rolling attachments are utilized for rolling threads short threads, close to the shoulder, or behind the shoulder of a part. Wagner thread rolling attachments roll highly precise thread profiles as both of the rolls are synchronized by a gear box. By means of adjustment screws the thread rolls can be adjusted precisely.

PDF Tangential Thread Rolling Attachments Brochure (PDF - 446KB)

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