Multi-Insert Turning Heads

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Mounted Turning Heads
Mounted Turning Heads

Wagner Carbide Saw MSD and DSD turning heads are multi insert tools for the precision reduction of material. Utilizing three and four inserts at the same time which allows for an increase in feeds and speed without sacrificing precision and surface quality of machined parts.

The MSD and DRD have the following advantages

  • Multiple carbide inserts allow for reduction of long unstable lengths
  • All cutter can be adjusted simultaneously to ensure precise position of the cutters
  • Multiple cutters allow for a high chip load
  • Turning precision of 0.01-0.02 mm is possible

Multi-Cutter Turning Head

The WAGNER® Multi-Cutter Turning Head is used where diameters have to be cut to an exact dimension. The patented precision tool possesses four heavy metal-reversing plates which can cut diameters up to 6 mm at one stage. Here the initial objects may be round, square of hexagonal, both drawn and rolled.

The WAGNER® Multi-Cutter Turning Head performs extremely well when big length of work pieces have to be cut. Or precise diameters have to be kept, for rolling threads afterwards for instance, or grinding diameters or reducing the primary processing time.

PDF Multi-Cutter Turning Head Brochure (PDF - 292KB)

Triple-Cutter Turning Head

The DSD 16 in stationary design is suitable for the use on one or multi-spindle lathes as well as on CNC lathes. The rotating type is designed for the use on right turning rotary transfer machines, automatic lathers, indexing table machines, cycle-transfer, and special machines. For the insertion into the machine we offer a number of shanks and flanges.

PDF Triple-Cutter Turning Head Brochure (PDF - 144KB)

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